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Advocate Tees was created to provide a way to raise funds to support anti-bullying through apparel and swag. It supports artist, designers to submit designs and make a difference as we donate $1 for every order to fight against this cause. 

We also support musicians and realize that some coping methods to being bullied are though music and artistic means and we support both. Last year we held our first concert to raise awareness and was asked to create more of these events.
Ryan struggled with being overweight and depression in his youth and experienced various forms of bullying. Aimed at making a difference created Advocate Tees to spread the message that "ALL LIVES MATTER!"
We also work with many programs, charities and programs to help in this mission. We truly set aside $1 from each sale and use it to help fund great programs in saving, educating and lifting lives!
We are also beta testing our Affiliate program, to provide more opportunities for those wanting to make a difference. 
To request a FREE "PLEDGE" STICKER email us at:

Please watch and share this video of our mission and purpose!