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Our Mission is to let every one know that their life matters! With increasing suicides, bullying and heart breaking headlines it is time to rise up and take a stand. Being an active advocate and taking a proactive approach in helping those that are being attacked. 

How we donate and why? Advocate Tees is not a non-profit company and we take an initiative to donate towards non-profits that are aligned to our primary objective to advocate against bullying, cyberbullying that have real results in saving lives. We donate $1.00 per purchase towards these non-profits.

Advocacy through creativity:  We focus on all those that are creative to help push this movement forward. Those that submit designs provides awareness as they share their talent, stories and advocate for a better tomorrow.

Why advocacy works? Since time began the struggle to fit in, be apart of a tribe, and have a purpose to live. We all want to be loved. However for those that don't fit in, or that might be different are always faced with opposition. It is when another person advocates and supports that person that real change can happen. Each of us has the opportunity to love ourselves and those around us regardless of our differences. It is time we stand up, be accountable, look in the mirror and advocate for our social injustices. 

"I pledge to do all that I can to love my peers and those that need help. I am dedicated to love myself and respect others. I will be a friend to those that need lifting. My life matters and I will show others that their life matters to."